Revive this nearly forgotten score in a sensitive and compassionate performance.. prefer a more delicate touch in the opening movement .. and thus give a more ‘airborne’ quality to the tune .. convey the religious ardour of the beautiful second movement with similar restraint.. the transcendence of the movement is captured more persuasively.

DSCH Journal

Particularly when performed with such fine sense of ensemble as here.

BBC Muisc Magazine

It invites the unfussy but scrupulously prepared playing it receives here.


Sounds like ideal duo partners, playing throughout as if entirely of one mind. Their interpretations on the whole are broad and thoughtful.. chewy, almost symphonically worked-out argument, rather than bristling with the drama… becomes suitably otherworldly and mysterious… there’s the feeling that every note counts…

Jessica Duchen, Primephonic

Powerfully communicated.. a vivid double-act at the piano.

Classical Source

…is especially intriguing.

This ought to be a record of the year… the performances of all are excellent-what a disc!